(Türkçe) GCC JF 240 UV Düz Masa Baskı Makinesi

(Türkçe) GCC JF 240 UV Düz Masa Baskı Makinesi

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Printing method On-demand Piezo head
Print head (Drop size) UV printing dedicated printhead, 4pl
Printing area (W x L) 24 x 20 in. (609.6 x 508 mm)
Max. media size
(W x L x H)
Size 25.6 x 21.7 x 11.8 in. (650 x 550 x 300 mm)
Weight Less than 15 kg
Media height adjustment AMC™
Speed Production 5.78 m²/hr
Quality 3.90 m²/hr
Hi-density 1.91 m²/hr
Ink Type UV curable ink
Capacity 1 liter
Colors C/M/Y/K + W/V (optional)
Ink curing unit Dual UV LED lamps
Printing resolutions 1440 x 720dpi、1440 x 1440dpi
Distance Accuracy – When printing Error of less than +-0.3% of distance traveled, or+-0.3mm (0.01 inch),
whichever is greater
Z axis movement Motorized
Control Panel Touch Screen
Interface Ethernet 1000BASE-T
Operating Environment (Temperature/Humidity) 22°C -30°C (71.6°F- 86°F) / (40%-60% humidity), higher is recommended
Operating Voltage 110 - 240VAC,  50/60HZ
Power consumption-Operating 115V AC (60HZ) (Max. 270W), 220V AC (50HZ) (Max. 260W)
Power consumption-Stand by 115V AC (60HZ) (Max. 160W ), 220V AC (50HZ) (Max. 200W )
Dimension (WxLxH) Printer 1760 x 1160 x 1140 mm
69.3 x 45.7 x 44.9 in.
Shipping 2000 x 1300 x 1360 mm
78.7 x 51.2 x 53.5 in.
Weight Printer 200 Kg
Shipping 300 Kg
Optional Rotary attachment
Roll to Roll system
Fume Extraction Unit

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